Product News

Below is a list of recent news on Mira Pro x64 during 2022. Older news was removed.

Mira Pro x64 Version 8.62 Update - Available April, 2023

Many new features were added to the program. See the following pages for a description:

Mira Pro x64 Version 8.60 Update - Mar 1, 2023

This is a major upgrade containing many new features in both the program and script language. See the following pages for a description:

Mira Pro x64 -- Older Updates

Version 8.58
  • Fixed several minor bugs.
Version 8.57
  • Source Extraction module.
    Added Spacing Rejection Strategy and Source Comparison properties to the Filter Source Extraction dialog. These properties control how nearby source pairs are discarded by the minimum spacing option.
Version 8.55
  • Added the Search Keyword Values command.

    dialogThis command creates a table in a Report Window containing images that satisfy comparisons with keyword values. Use this command to find images meeting criteria like exposure time between 5 and 20 seconds, acquired with a specific filter, and after a specific date and time. Any number of keywords may be tested using the comparisons =, <, <=, >, >=, not =, inclusion ( >= and =<), and exclusion (< or >), and the search result may contain images meeting any or all of the keyword tests. All collected images or just selected images may be displayed, saved as a File List, exported, or otherwise analyzed using standard Report Window tools and scripts. The pictures at right show the command dialog, a report with images matching at least one of the keyword tests and another report matching all of the keyword tests. This is opened from the [P] (Process) menu on the main toolbar.

  • General Properties dialog.
    Added the Open file tabs toward the left checkbox that controls whether tabs for newly opened files appear at the left or right end of the tab row on the Multi-Tab Interface.
  • Fixed some minor bugs, including the Pixel Value Editor opening two copies into Excel plus an intermittent issue with recent updates of Windows 10/11.
Version 8.54
  • View FITS File Header command.
    This command lists raw headers in a text window, directly from the FITS file, without the changes that are applied during normal FITS file opening.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
Version 8.53
  • Add Metadata command.
    This command adds information to image headers at file open or save to correct errors from the camera control software or add other useful data. For example, add keywords like SITELONG, SITELAT, RDNOISE, GAIN, etc., or rename invalid FITS keywords like EXPOSURE when the FITS file is opened. Beyond repairing errors in the image history, adding this metadata at file open time  makes tasks such as aperture photometry more efficient
  • FITS Header Editor.
    Added several menu commands to work with the table data.
  • User's Guide:
    • Added a topic explaining the MIRAPROC Keyword.
    • Expanded the topic "Working with FITS Format"
  • MIRAFITS Keyword.
    This keyword records the time Mira wrote the image to FITS format.
  • MIRAVERS Keyword.
    This keyword records the Mira version that saved the image to FITS format.
Version 8.52
  • Image Cursor Toolbar
Version 8.51
  • Converted the Image Set Toolbar to a Docking Pane
  • Added an Image Measurements Toolbar
  • Added the Edit Script Keywords command
Version 8.50
  • Added the Line Measurements toolbar and line measurement capability.
  • Added the Angle Measurements toolbar and angle measurement capability
  • Added the Regions Measurements toolbar and region measurement capability

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