Image Processing Solutions for Your Demanding Application

Mira empowers you to discover more and accomplish tasks with greater speed and ease compared to competing products.

Mira, widely recognized for its exceptional power and versatility in image processing, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge algorithms with expansive scripting capability into an intuitive user interface. Our products and development services draw upon Ph.D. level expertise and a substantial repository of intellectual property over 34 years of industry experience.

Mira Pro x64  — 64-bit platform including the Pro Script extension language.

Application areas: astronomy, space sciences, education, physics, biomedical research, biology, radiography, materials science, reconnaissance.

For customers using legacy PC's running 32-bit Windows 10+, we offer a mixed site-license containing Mira Pro x64 plus a 32-bit version without scripting, named Mira Pro x32.

Mira Pro  — 64-bit platform without the Pro Script language, MExtract module, and File Event Scripting feature included with Mira Pro x64.

Application areas: astronomy, space sciences, education.



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