Instructions for Authors:
Referencing Mira and Mirametrics in Publications

Below we give guidance on referencing the Mira software, Mirametrics, Inc., and the work of specific authors on this website.

Body of the Paper

If referencing only the Mira software, you should name the specific platform the first time it is mentioned. Examples:

  • Mira Pro x64
  • Mira MX x64

If relevant, we suggest including the version number. Examples:

  • Mira Pro x64 version 8.52
  • Mira MX x64 ver. 8.52

After the initial reference, you might fall back to the generic name, Mira. It is essential to be clear about which software was used, but not to the point of being wordy or repetitious.

Examples of usage in the Text

  • Data were calibrated using Mira Pro x64 v. 8.52...
  • Mira Pro x64 was used for...
  • Comparing the magnitudes from Mira with the...

Citation within the body of the Paper

The choice of Mira's publisher, Mirametrics, or a specific author depends on the context. If a specific author is involved, mention the author's name. Examples:

  • Mirametrics (2002)
  • (Mirametrics, 2013)
  • Newberry (2020)

Entry in the Bibliography or References Section

Here, we follow APA Style. Use (n.d.) when no year is given. Include "Retrieved month, day, year, from" when the contents could change over time:

  • Mira Pro x64 is a software product of Mirametrics, Inc.,
  • Mirametrics 2020. Tutorial: Introduction to Source Extraction. Mirametrics Website.
  • Mirametrics (n.d.). Introduction to Aperture Photometry. Mirametrics Website.
  • Newberry, M.V. (n.d.). Astronomical SNR Calculator. Mirametrics Website. Retrieved May 18, 2020, from


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