Mira.® Image Processing Visualization Data Analysis

Mira is the premier image-processing application used worldwide for research and education in astronomy and other application areas. Using cutting-edge algorithms and features, Mira combines an extensive suite of user interface tools with an equally powerful scripting language that is remarkably easy to learn and use. Mira is unique in its seamless integration of three software modes used in analyzing scientific data: immediate commands from the user interface, scripting, and batch processing. These modalities may be used separately or combined according to the needs of your application.

Mirametrics' products and services include off-the-shelf Mira software in various platforms for various applications. We also provide software development services for custom imaging applications.



  • Astronomy & Space Sciences
  • Engineering, Data Exploitation
  • Astronomy Education (College, University, K-12)
  • Materials Science
  • Biology, Microscopy, Medicine
  • Radiography & Medical Physics
  • Reconnaissance

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