Mira.® Image Processing Visualization Data Analysis

Mirametrics specializes in providing cutting-edge image processing, data analysis, and data visualization solutions tailored to the needs of researchers, educators, and students in science and engineering. Our comprehensive suite of products and services ensures that you have the tools necessary to unlock valuable insights from your data.

Key Features:

Off-the-Shelf and Custom Solutions:

Whether you need ready-to-use software or a customized solution, Mirametrics can provide it. For 32 years, our primary product has been developing the Mira® software platform and its wide range of applications. But our expertise spans custom software development as well as pre-built applications like Mira.

Extensive Capabilities:

Mira® provides unmatched capabilities in a one image processing package. From high-level processing to intricate custom scripting, we empower you to effectively achieve your goals.

Integrated Program Extension Language:

Take control of your workflows with scripting using our integrated program extension language. Customize and automate processes to fit your specific requirements.

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  • Astronomy & Space Sciences
  • Engineering, Data Exploitation
  • Astronomy Education (College, University, K-12)
  • Materials Science
  • Biology and Microscopy
  • Radiography & Medical Physics
  • Reconnaissance

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