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The GetString function opens a dialog to request a string. If you click [OK], the entered string is returned.



sString, bOK = GetString( s=nil, sPrompt=nil, sTitle=nil )

    s is the initial string. If nil a blank string is used. If nil, a blank string is used.

    sPrompt is the message above the string field. If nil, a default is used.

    sTitle is the window title. If nil, a default is used.

    If [OK] is clicked, the function returns the sString and bOK=true.

    If the dialog is canceled, "",false is returned.


All arguments are optional and assume default values beyond the last argument you specify. To use a default argument but follow it with a specified argument, use a nil in its place.


The window shown above was created using the following code. Note that the last argument, the window title, was omitted and left to the default:


     string, bOK = GetString( "My string", "Enter a string :" )

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