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The GetFileSaveDlgTitle function returns the current title used for Save As dialogs.


sTitle = GetFileSaveDlgTitle()

    where sTitle is a string.

    On success, the current title is returned.

    On failure, "Save" is returned.


This command is normally used with the companion SetFileSaveDlgTitle method for manipulating the title of the Save As dialog to tune it to specific cases.


This script sets the dialog title on 2 occasions, then restores it to the default.

sOldTitle = GetFileSaveDlgTitle()

-- fetch the original title

SetFileSaveDlgTitle("Save Image 1")

-- set a new title

sName1 = GetFileName()

-- uses the new title



SetFileSaveDlgTitle("Save Image 2")

-- change the title again

sName2 = GetFileName()

-- uses the second title




-- restore the original title

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