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The SetFileOpenDlgTitle function changes the title of all subsequent Open dialogs. The change persists until the function is called again or the script ends.


SetFileOpenDlgTitle( sTitle )

    where sTitle is a string to be used as the new title.


Before setting the title using this method, is may be useful to fetch the current title using the companion GetFileOpenDlgTitle. This allows the dialog title to be restored. For example, you may specify the type of file to open in the dialog title during one use, then restore the title to "Open" afterward.


This script sets the dialog title on 2 occasions, then restores it to the default.


sOldTitle = GetFileOpenDlgTitle()

-- fetch the original title

SetFileOpenDlgTitle("Pick Image 1")

-- set a new title

sName1 = GetFileName()

-- uses the new title



SetFileOpenDlgTitle("Pick Image 2")

-- change the title again

sName2 = GetFileName()

-- uses the second title




-- restore the original title

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