Source Extraction ("Image Segmentation")

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Source Extraction is also known by the names "image segmentation" and "image labeling" in various applications. This procedure identifies, or detects individual objects or image features in one or more images and computes some 40 properties for each detection. Source Extraction provides numerous options for controlling the detection and processing of information. The procedure may also be used to detect objects or features that are common to an image set or that vary among the images. Source extraction is handled using the Source Extraction package in Mira MX x64 and Mira Pro x64.

This tutorial, from the Mira User's Guide, shows how use the MExtract package ro perform image source extraction. The MExtract tool is accessed using the Measure > Extract Sources command and works with the currently top-most Image Window. This tutorial examines the FWHM values for many stars in a small region of an astronomical image. Although this presents is an astronomy application, the MExtract package is widely used for abroad variety of applications. This tutorial does not describe the Match and Difference methods which detect sources that are common to, or different among, a set of images.