Scripting in Mira

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This Brief describes Mira's scripting language which is integrated into Mira MX x64 and Mira Pro x64.

Lua provides a powerful and extensible, yet easy to use platform for general
computational needs as well as data processing applications.. The Mira scripting package
includes dozens of useful classes and more than 600 methods for
object-oriented programming, as well as numerous non-classed functions, many of
which connect to Mira's blazingly fast array processing functions for working with
images and data. The language can be easily extended using your own code additions, including new classes, methods,
and functions, and it readily integrates with a broad selection of 3rd party tools. With Mira scripting, you can develop and implement
custom analyses and processing procedures that run at the speed of your machine
rather than at the speed of an interpreted language.