Mira Scripting Benchmarks

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How fast should your scripts run? If you read the Lua literature or follow user groups, you'll often read about Lua's remarkable speed. The Script library is designed so that most numerically intensive processing uses Mira's core library of highly optimized array functions. However, there are times when you need to do intensive numeric processing inside the script itself, as when working with large tables of data, or processing millions of values using your own script code. So you aren't left in the dark about what "fast" means, here are some benchmarks we've measured at Mirametrics. The table below suggests what to expect from your numerically intensive scripts. Many benchmarks list the script source code used. A description of the test procedures and test machine is given at the bottom.

NOTE: Some capabilities are available in the  Mira MX x64 scripting language but not Mira Pro x64.