Cleaning Cosmic Rays from Image Sets

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This note describes the Clean Image Set command as taken from the Mira User's Guide. This tool is provided in Mira Pro x64. This is exceptionally effective for removing transient artifacts such as cosmic rays and other radiation events as well as sporadic hot pixels. The Clean Image Set command compares the members of an image set to determine statistically what pixels are transient and should be corrected. The results can be superior to that obtaining using other methods because this method does not detect sharp image features as transients and remove them, this smoothing the image and degrading its analytic value. Several detection and correction options are available to meet specific image needs.

In this document, the term "event" refers to any pixel value in one image that is not persistent, within the noise, throughout the image set. This technique therefore detects and corrects "events" that occur at identical coordinates in only 1, 2, or a few of the images in the image set. Hot pixel "events" are also removed if they do not align at the same pixel coordinates in different members of the image set, for example, after the image set has been registered.